Success Stories

Success Stories from our Partner Agencies



A client lives on $768.00 per month Social Security.  At the time she enrolled in MAP (Medical Assistance Program with RSVP) she was only taking her medication a couple of times a week instead of daily as prescribed.  This is not uncommon for seniors to alter their prescriptions to stretch out their use due to lack of money to purchase the adequate amount.  She needed to do this in order to purchase groceries. With the MAP the Medical Assistance Program she is now able to take her medicine as prescribed. MAP provides seniors with the extra allowance to purchase her prescriptions.


Senior Services, Inc.

Mr. H has been living on his own with the help of a friend.  He lives in a small apartment and is unable to be left alone. Unfortunately, Mr. H’s friend ended up in the hospital for an extended stay.  This prompted his pastor and Senior Services, Inc. to visit with Mr. H and set up a plan for his care. After observing the living conditions it was determined that Mr. H needed assistance. Senior Services arranged for Mr. H to spend a couple of days at a local nursing facility. The local nursing facility agreed to take in Mr. H at no cost for a couple of days since Senior Services was out of respite funds and the family could not provide. Mr. H was taken care of, his apartment cleaned, and he moved back home once his friend was able to care for him again.


Salvation Army, Emergency Services Program

Due to economic decline Rich and Andrea were terminated from their employment in the same week.  They had a small savings that lasted only a couple of months as they tried to maintain their home and provide for their four children.  They faced many financial difficulties as they struggled to hold onto their home.

With a phone call and assessment the Salvation Army was able to assist this family with their immediate basic needs particularly food and referral to Lazarus House for transitional shelter care while they developed a long-term plan.

The Salvation Army was able to provide immediate Summer Day Camp and After School Care for the children allowing their parents to look for employment.

Andrea was able to refresh her computer skills with the help of the Salvation Army’s computer class which assisted her in her job search.  They were helped in completing the food stamp application; immunizations for the children were completed for school.  Many other agencies in the area stepped in to help Andrea and Rich once the Salvation Army contacted the appropriate people.

Both Rich and Andrea are now re-employed.  Rich is working 3 part time jobs and Andrea a suitable part time job that provides reasonable wages to contribute to reestablishing their home and give her adequate time or the care of her children.

What seemed a hopeless case is coming to a happy resolve as the community embraced this family with care and support.


Salvation Army Golden Diners

Kathy is a proud and happy senior still living in her home where she and her husband raised their three children since 1939.  Recently Kathy became legally blind, making it unsafe for her to prepare her own hot meals.  The Salvation Army Golden Diners program stepped in to bring Kathy one hot meal a day five days a week. When meals are delivered to Kathy the volunteer delivering the meal talks with Kathy, keeps her company for a few minutes and determines that she is happy and healthy.

Kathy’s family is happy that she is safe and healthy.


Fox Valley Volunteer Hospice

Stacey was a loving mother of three young children when she was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer. She was an energetic woman that enjoyed her home life, children, gardening and the outdoors. She was suddenly faced with the learning the grueling treatment process and the uncertainty of the future of her young family.

Stacey knew that she wanted her children to have someone to turn to, to share any fear or concerns they had at that point or in the future.  Stacy called FVVH and after hearing about our services welcomed our comprehensive team into her life as a source of support.

As time went on, Stacey found that the support provided through FVVH was more than a safety net, it was an indispensable service.  Volunteers met with her weekly to listen to her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  They spent countless hours with her listening to her feeling and concerns for her family.

The volunteers for FVVH provided support for Stacie’s husband.  The children and the family were ‘paired’ with another family that had gone through similar circumstances.

Sadly Stacie succumbed to her cancer this past summer.  The FVVH is still dedicated to helping Tom and their children in any way we can through the difficult transition of losing a wife and mother.